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Neil Seery’s Newstalk interview is well worth the listen

Team Ryano’s Neil Seery gave one of the most refreshing interviews to Off The Ball this week following his retirement from the fight game.

Neil Seery on Off The Ball

This is a good listen.

Neil ‘2 Tap’ Seery walked away from the fight game with a 16-13 record at UFC Fight Night Glasgow on Sunday last.

Earlier this week he joined Newstalk’s Off The Ball for a frank and honest chat about his career, fight anxiety, concerns for his health and much more besides.

Seery also gets glowing references in the latest Rambling Rhinos podcast here.

At one particular point in the interview, Seery is asked about the concerns over CTE given the amount of “hits” he’s taken in his career.

“It got to the point in 2013, I was in Vegas after fighting Louis Smolka, I’d come back from Vegas and I had a massive panic attack. Massive. It took over nearly a year and a half of my life. It just damaged me so much.”

“It took over for a year and a half. There was so much information out there about the CTE [Chronic traumatic encephalopathy], it frightened me so much. I took everything in. Instead of taking the doctors advice, I just went negative on it – there’s nothing that can save me. The panic kicked in, the anxiety.”

With talk of injury and dealing with his own concerns, Seery is hopeful that the paths for Ireland’s future MMA athletes will be paved with advice.

“I’d like to advise young fighters, that think they’re the next Conor McGregor”, he says later in the podcast.”

With everyone putting their chips in the one basket and trying to be a billionaire, Seery’s done it all and is going back to work (as in, his job) next week.

“I’d advise them to contact the people who have done the sport, the ones that have retired, get out there and talk to them. Ask them how are they mentally. How are they financially, how is family life for them.”

Compelling listening for sure.

Listen to the full podcast below.

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