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LISTEN: Rambling Rhinos Podcast #002

Rich Shanahan of Inspire Sport Performance joins the round table for the second Rambling Rhinos podcast.

Rambling Rhinos Podcast

There’s so much to the mental game.

In life, in general, but most certainly in the fight game. Mental training and preparation – be it through visualisation or other means – is changing the way fights are conducted, won and lost.

With that thought in mind, for the second Rambling Rhinos Podcast we invited sport psychologist Richard Shanahan to the table to join the conversation. You’ll find more about Rich and his services to sport at

We’re also chatting more about BAMMA 30 which lands on 7 July, Andy’s got vertigo so we find out what’s making his head spin and we really drill into fight mentality, visualisation, attitude and more.

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Radio broadcaster, podcaster, fight fan cutting his teeth in BJJ. Slowly building MMA Charge. Known to write a lot about rugby, GAA and all things food.

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