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Irish Councillor makes sure “Moneyweather” fight will be available to locals

Fight fans in Carlow, Ireland, have avoided missing the Mayweather v McGregor fight this Sunday thanks to one local councillor.

Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor

We’ve got the power.

Bagenalstown, Co.Carlow based Fianna Fáil councillor Arthur McDonald will certainly find favour from local fight fans this weekend as he stepped in to try avert a scheduled power outage for the region in the early hours of Sunday morning coming.

No electricity in the area means no kettles going, no ovens going, not a light in the house, a fridge for the beer, or a Sky box able to receive the biggest pay-per-view fight in combat sports history.

McDonald was speaking to KCLR’s mid-morning talk show KCLR Live to outline the situation.

“”I was talking to some of the lads and said ‘Oh gosh’, that’s the time when the Conor McGregor and May Moneyweather (sic) fight is on. So I said, oh gosh, there’ll be a lot of people disappointed who’ve spent money on the pay-per-view and will maybe stay up and the ESB will go out.

I contacted the ESB Networks, talking to a man by the name of Paul and he thought I was pulling his leg first when I told him. But anyhow, he contacted Kilkenny ESB Networks and they resolved the situation and they have brought it forward 24 hours.”

It’s estimated that some 3,000+ customers would have been impacted on Sunday morning, with the outage originally scheduled for at least 2am to 5am.

Will local fight fans be chanting “McDonald” alongside McGregor and Mayweather this weekend? At least they’ll have a chance to do so now.

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